Customer Success Agent

London, England, United Kingdom · Growth


Meet our Customer Success team!

The Customer Success Team represents the voice of the Thriva customer. That means chatting with customers on a daily basis to make sure they have the best possible experience and helping to shape the product by offering invaluable customer insight to the rest of the Thriva team.

As a team, we come from academic backgrounds spanning from Biomedical Sciences to English Literature and we’ve worked in a variety of fields from the charitable sector to the land of theatre. The strength of our team is in the diversity of our experience and accompanied by our shared enthusiasm for innovative health care, we passionately work to ensure the customer experience is always at the forefront of Thriva’s collective mind.

Why work with us

You’ll be working alongside humble people who truly care about what we’re building and how it can help people.

We’re creating something entirely new and we’re aware that we don’t know everything. So we’re constantly trying new things to understand how we can improve people's lives. We set quarterly goals which means you’ll always know what you’re doing tomorrow is going to help grow the company over the next few months.

We are trying to create a truly personalised product for each customer. That means delivering tailored insights and advice to each person based on their own health goals — whether that's trying to improve their sleep or live for longer. We’re also building a unique data set that will allow us to learn more than ever about people’s health and predict issues before they occur.

While we do have teams with different specialties and focus, most of our work spans across multiple areas. This means you’ll work with lots of different people on a range of challenging problems.

Startup life can be tough sometimes, so we like to bring as much fun as we can to the office!

We need you!

We are building an awesome product and to do that we need a Customer Success Manager to join our growing team. In your current role you will already be:

However we believe in continuous learning so some things we would like you to start doing would be:

In return, we will ensure you have:

What happens next

Once we receive your application we will review it as quickly as possible and reply to you with next steps. If we haven’t selected your CV please don’t let that put you off applying again. We get a lot of applications and sometimes it’s just not the right match. Because we get so many CV’s we cannot provide you with individual feedback.

If we move on to the next stage we will arrange a brief 30 minute intro call where we can tell you more about us and chat through what you are looking for. This is a chance for you to ask as many questions as you like! Calls are better done in a quiet place, so please pick a time where you know you are going to be free and not in the queue in a coffee shop or sat at your desk!

From there, and depending on the role, there will be a couple of other stages. We appreciate your time is valuable and you will have other interviews, so we will aim to get through them as quickly as possible.

We will always provide you with feedback from any of our interview stages.

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