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In a nutshell

We’re looking for a Senior Product Manager to join our core product team. We’re looking for someone who truly cares about building world-class products that will genuinely improve peoples’ lives. You should be ready for a challenge and excited to join a fast growing company!

You’ll be working with a cross functional team to help understand what problems our customers have and how we can solve them. You’ll be eager to learn and love solving complex problems in a space with many constraints. You should expect a challenging and highly cross-functional role with tasks spanning the commercial, medical, operational and technical spectrum. We’re a small team and so you’ll have the opportunity to help shape Thriva's future.

About Thriva

We’re building a personalised healthcare service that will change the way people approach their health.

We want to create a product that millions of people use to understand what’s going on inside their bodies — allowing them to improve their health today and catch any small issues before they become big issues.

We are trying to create a truly personalised product for each customer. That means delivering tailored insights and advice to each person based on their own health goals — whether that's trying to improve their sleep or live for longer. We’re also building a unique data set that will allow us to learn more than ever about people’s health and predict issues before they occur.

What will you be doing day to day?

What projects could you be working on?

What is it like to work at Thriva?

You’ll be working alongside humble people who truly care about what we’re building and how it can help people.

We’re creating something entirely new and we’re aware that we don’t know everything. So we’re constantly trying new things to understand how we can improve people's lives.

While we do have teams with different specialities and focus, most of our work spans across multiple areas. This means you’ll work with lots of different people on a range of challenging problems.

Startup life can be tough sometimes, so we like to bring as much fun as we can to the office!


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