About Thriva

Don’t you think it’s strange that in this day and age you can find out almost anything about the world around you in seconds, yet finding out what’s going on inside your body is still so difficult? It’s not surprising that we see health care systems struggling to cope, and preventable diseases on the rise.

But this is all happening at a time when we’re more engaged with our health than ever, as millions of us count steps, calories and kilograms on a daily basis.

Where does Thriva fit in?

Thriva is a global pioneer of proactive health, by empowering people to take control.

It starts by making the most valuable internal health data accessible. To get people to engage with their health and make better decisions, we need to provide the insights that matter.

That’s why we’ve built the slickest home blood test kit and health dashboard in the market. And that's just the start. We’re a fast growing team with unparalleled ambitions and backers to match, and this is where you come in.

We’re looking for people from all sorts of backgrounds, who are unified around our mission of improving the way people engage with their health.

Here are a few things others have said about us:

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